Lucrative Article Marketing - Uncover 5 Reliable Methods to Advance with Article Marketing

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If you have been using article marketing in promoting your products or website but can seem to generate the kind of interest and traffic that you were hoping for, let me help you increase the benefits you get - from increased page views, improved sales potential, and higher page ranking - by tenfold.
Just follow these 5 reliable methods and you'll surely advance in this technique: 1.
Anchor text vs.
absolute URL.
What are you using in your resource box? Based on studies and researches, the use of anchor text is more effective that using absolute URL.
Aside from the fact that they look good on human eyes because they are based on keywords, they are also favored by search engines.
Make your articles scannable.
Online users do have little time to spare when they search for information online.
They appreciate articles that are scannable so they can easily skim through the information without spending so much time reading the whole article.
Break your articles into short paragraphs and use bullet list to make your articles not only scannable but also easy on the eyes.
Maximize your resource box.
Most article submission sites will allow you to use up to three hyperlinks on your author box.
Take advantage of this to increase the chances of your website's URL being clicked.
Keep your resource box short.
Remember, you are not writing another article.
Keep it simple and direct to the point.
Include your name, your expertise, and your "bait" - or the reason why readers should visit your website.
Give your articles compelling teasers.
These will be shown, together with the titles of your articles, when an online user searched for your keywords.
Tell your potential readers what is your article all about and how they can benefit from reading it.
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