The Concern of Carbon Emissions Effect on the Environment May No Longer Be a Concern

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Although there are many problems that arise from the use of fossil fuel, one of the big ones is Carbon Emission.
There have been many proposed methods of diminishing the impact of these emissions in recent years, but none have been economically practical to implement on an industrial size scale.
CO2 Solution, which is based in Quebec City, Canada, seems to have designed a system that minimizes the costs involved with implementing a technology known as Carbon Capture in industrial arenas.
The most effective way to decrease the amount of Carbon Emissions, which are emitted from power plants and other stationary industrial sources of Carbon Dioxide, is a method known as Carbon Capture.
Carbon Capture is a process where the Carbon Dioxide that is produced from these sources is isolated and captured into storage containers.
The International Energy Agency (IEA) has stated that on a global scale there are just over 7,800 large stationary industrial sources of Carbon Dioxide that have the potential of emitting over 100,000 metric tons each per year.
All of these sources combined produce approximately 13.
7 billion metric tons of CO2 each year, which works out to be around 61% of all global CO2 emissions.
The idea of Carbon Capture has been around for a little while now, but the major issue was the costs involved with implementing such a large scale remodeling to these industrial arenas.
CO2 Solution has developed a system of Carbon Capture that can actually mimic the functions of an average mammal's respiratory system.
There is a natural enzyme called Biocatalyst, Carbonic Anhydrase, which our respiratory systems use to manage CO2 during respiration.
By exploiting the natural power of this enzyme, they have been able to move their company into the commercialization of this new technology, while providing a low cost solution to massive carbon emission producing platforms.
In February of 2009, CO2 Solution was featured in the New York Times, highlighting their technology for low-cost carbon dioxide capture.
In December of the same year, CO2 Solution announced receiving a $2M equity investment from Codexis.
The president and CEO of CO2 Solution is Glenn Kelly and was appointed to this position in August of 2008.
Before becoming involved with CO2 Solution, Mr.
Kelly was directly involved with the development and operation of underground storage facilities for natural gas.
Glenn Kelly has attained degrees in Civil Engineering from Queens University as well as an MBA from Laval University.
Through small scale experiments on the true affectability of this new technology CO2 Solution has come to the conclusion that the implementation of this system will be more cost effective to Industrial arenas than any other carbon emission control system available.
CO2 Solution has secured a number of patents regarding the commercialization of their specially designed system.
As of September 2009, CO2 Solution had been granted 18 patents with an additional 19 pending.
These patents are very specific in the use of the enzyme in the Carbon Capture field.
They have issued patents in the United States, Canada as well as a variety of European countries.
These patents are specific to the use of Carbonic Anhydrase to capture CO2 in a packed column system.
In addition to these patents, CO2 Solution has a number of other patents that are both pending as well as approved.
The company feels that securing these patents before the market of Carbon Capture solutions and the desire of Carbonic Anhydrase grows, is a very intelligent move on their part and they are proud of their continually growing patent portfolio.
CO2 Solution has proposed a new technology that may in fact reduce the costs to large industrial companies in the renovating of their plants to become eco friendly with the Carbon Capture system.
Holding many patents that will protect them and help them grow in the years to come, CO2 Solution has proven themselves as one of the most innovative Eco-Friendly companies of the 21st century.
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