How to Install Ceramic Tiling

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    • 1). Take a height measurement of one of your wall tiles. Measure the wall up from the floor to that height, then add 1/4 inch to it. Mark it on the wall at that level at several points.

    • 2). Hold a level along the marks and draw a straight line along it horizontally.

    • 3). Measure the length of the horizontal line and find the middle. Mark a vertical line from floor to ceiling at that point so the two lines intersect near the bottom of the wall.

    • 4). Spread a line of thinset tile mortar along the bottom of the wall, from the floor to just above the horizontal line and extending all along the length of the wall. Press tiles to the wall starting at the center vertical line and just under the horizontal line (so the bottoms of the tiles are 1/4 inch up from the floor). Put spacers between the tiles as you hang them. Hang the whole bottom row. Cut the tiles at the ends as needed.

    • 5). Spread additional mortar above the bottom row of tiles and up by a few feet. Begin hanging each higher row of tiles, starting each from the middle of the wall (at the vertical line) and working toward the sides. Put spacers between all of them. Cut the tiles at the ends as needed. Do the whole wall.

    • 6). Let the tiles set for a day. Pull out the spacers.

    • 7). Grout the wall starting at the top and working downward, spreading the grout on with a grout float. Force it into the spaces between the tiles and scraping it from the surface. Follow up with a damp sponge to take up the excess grout. Let the grout set for two days.

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