DIY Donut Gasket

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    • 1). Lay your gasket material on the drill press platform, and clamp down all four corners of the material using your C-clamps. The center of the material should be directly underneath the the spot that mounts the drill bit.

    • 2). Find a drill bit the size of the inside diameter of your planned donut gasket in your drill bit set. Drill a hole through the center of the gasket material. Do not reposition the gasket material.

    • 3). Locate a hole punch that has an inside diameter of the outside diameter of your planned donut gasket. Secure this bit inside the drill press, and drill into the gasket material to remove your donut gasket from the material.

    • 4). Fit your finished gasket into its final location. If the location is rounded, round the corners of the gasket using your grinder. Be careful not to take off too much material.

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