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Today, the design created on different types of bases, looks like an essential thing in our modern life. The design can be found on cars, wears (have a quick look on the last post dedicated to the t-shirts designs, click here to read this post), furniture, and today as well in our houses et particularly on walls.

The wall design can be defined under different forms : paintings, frames, combination of materials, as well as stickers. This fashion style took place everywhere, for few years now, in houses, shops, public places€¦but what is exactly a wall sticker, and where does this trend come from ?

The decorative wall design appears for the first time in year 2005, in the deco-publications.
A part of people worships it, the rest of them hates it, but for both of them, it does let them incurious€¦.

To uncover the mystery of stickers universe, I am going to explain to you the principal steps of their manufacturing and giving you addresses of some good shops€¦. I will take my attention on the monochromatic sticker because main of visuals created with this support are much more interesting than visuals created by pressing.

Their manufacturing in based on scissor vectored visuals, with help of cut-plotter.
A plotter is a bit similar to a printer, with a cutter taking place of printing heads.
This tool allows the cut of vinyl matching with the vector model.

Tree wall decals are a great way to create the perfect wall design whether that is a fanciful forest or a simple scroll tree design or even if you want the look of the deep forest. There are many options for a contemporary and simple tree decal and there are options also for Christmas trees and palm trees and surf boards. You can find tree decals that will work great for kids rooms and others that will look good in a living room. They can especially be enjoyed by the kids in their own play areas.

A cherry blossom tree design can be ideal for a sitting room or even to adorn the wall in a kitchen or bathroom. Perhaps you have a hallway that is in need of a little something more and the tree design appeals to you for that. You can use a simple relief style tree design with branches and leaves to add a similar touch to any room. Tree wall decals can also add an additional design feature to a wall mural or be combined with other decals to make a custom wall mural. If you have already chosen to decorate with a garden theme or an outdoor theme then adding a tree to the room will be a fun and creative addition.

Looking for a fun tree wall decal for your kid's bedroom or playroom? There are also fun options for this that will add a bit of flair to their play area. Add some butterflies or birds to a completed look to create your own outdoor scene that they will find imaginative and fun. You can often find sets of wall decals that will include trees and animals giving you a very fun woodland animals motif not unlike the theme of snow white or sleeping beauty.
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