Cheats for Dragon Warrior on the NES

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    Higher Starting Stats

    • At the start screen of the game, enter "Test" as your character's name to start "Dragon Warrior" with increased stats. These stats include higher hit points, life force, strength level, magic power and experience. If you like a challenge, you can enter "Enix" at the start screen to begin the game with lower stats for your character.

    Unlimited Items

    • Enter and explore dungeons or caves at any level of the game to collect the items within them, such as torches and money. Leave the dungeon or cave once all the items have been collected, and then re-enter and collect them again. All the items that were previously collected will re-appear in the same locations, so they can be collected over and over again.

    Magic Points

    • Enter the Central Castle at Tantegel and speak to the man at the desk on the right side of the screen. Once the conversation is over, your character's Magic Points will be fully restored.

    No Random Battles

    • Collect the Ball of Light after defeating DragonLord in his last form. Once you're in possession of the Ball of Light, all the game's monsters will be terminated, so there won't be any random battles. The Ball of Light also allows you to travel over mountain areas more quickly.

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