The Best Baby Scrapbooks

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    First Year

    All About Baby

    • A page of giggles makes a wonderful memory.Jupiterimages/ Images

      Instead of a chronological scrapbook, arrange the pages by emotions and attributes. Take close-up photos of the baby's eyes, nose, ears, hands and toes. Design a page around each body part and add photos as the baby grows. Devote a page to the baby's interactions with each friend and relative. Capture the baby's various emotions and reactions and dedicate pages to happy baby, sad baby, mad baby, sleeping baby and laughing baby. Write about the moments surrounding each photo.

    Baby's Firsts

    • Scrapbooks are a great way to document your baby's "firsts."Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

      Design your scrapbook around all of the firsts your baby experiences. Begin with the baby's first day of life and then her first day at home. Include the first doctor's appointment card and first lock of hair of her first haircut. Take photos of her first smile, first bottle, first bath and first tooth. Her first time sitting, rolling over, crawling and walking are all milestones to include, as well.

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