Masonic Lapel Pins Are A Must Have For Your Local Lodge

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Freemasonry refers to the fraternal organization that arose in the late 16th to early 17th century and now exists in various forms all over the world. There are nearly six million freemasons in approximately 150,000 jurisdictions in Scotland and Ireland, over a quarter of a million under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England, and just under two million in the United States.

The fraternity is organized into independent Grand Lodges or sometimes Orients. Each governs its own jurisdiction which consists of subordinate Lodges. The various Grand Lodges recognize each other. Masons conduct their meetings using ritualized formats. There is no single Masonic ritual. Each jurisdiction is free to set its own ritual.

Masons belong to lodges that are made up of other Masons. Meetings are held throughout the year to discuss lodge business such as charity work, new membership and other issues that may be worthy of the discussion. Once you become a Mason, a lapel pin like the one you see here is handed out.

Two of the principal symbolic tools found in a Masonic Lodge are the square and compasses. These items remind Masons to square their actions by the square of virtue and to learn to circumscribe their desires and keep their passions within due bounds toward all mankind. These symbols are commonly found on items like custom lapel pins used by lodges worldwide.

The men wear these pins proudly on the lapels of their suit jackets or sport coats. They also wear these pins out in public when volunteering their time in the community. This way, when people see kind acts being done by these men, they see the sign of the Masonic lodge and know what group these men belong to.
We make Masonic pins for other celebrations as well. When a man makes it up to become a Shriner, a special pin is given out. Different milestones are recognized by certain lapel pins that the lodge designs. We help the lodge come up with the best design for their current needs.

Adding simulated gemstones that look like diamonds is also popular with Masons. The symbolism of these pins evokes great pride and meaning for these men. We offer a variety of different colored stones to choose from. You can speak to a representative or refer to our website located at

Ordering your custom Masonic lapel pins is easy. You can request a free quote by filling out the form located at You can also reach a representative by phoning 1-800-252-0904 toll-free or emailing [email protected] Well be more than happy to provide you with free artwork and design services as well as free shipping on your order of custom lapel pins.
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