The wonders of weight lifting

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Weight lifting or weight training is the activities or a program in which an individual lifts weights in a prescribed manner to obtain a goal for fitness, muscle development or athletic competition. This is also one of the most effective trainings for you to lose fat (along with proper diet and cardiovascular exercises). Weight lifting's number one goal is changing your body into the body you want to obtain. If you want a muscular body, your weight lifting program may have a longer time span than that of a normal weight lifting program. Weight lifting not only does this, it has many effects in which the body can benefit.

Weight lifting increases the rate of your metabolism. How? Metabolism is described as the burning of calories. And weight lifting develops lean muscle, the more lean muscle you have, the higher is your metabolic rate therefore the body does not easily store the fats because it is immediately used for fuel.

Weight lifting increases muscular endurance, in other words it makes you stronger. The movements repeated during the weight training program develop the endurance of the muscle, increasing its strength and flexibility. The longer you lift weights the greater strength you will develop. This will result during the first six months of training.

This training improves your coordination and balance. Thru weight lifting, the muscles supporting your bones will be firm resulting to improved coordination and balance. The constant stimulation of the muscles also stimulates the central nervous system and therefore improves muscle coordination.

Increased muscle mass is the benefit most people engaged in weight lifting wanted to achieve. Muscular growth and development occurs when the load is increased and the muscle has to accommodate the weight. Weight training plays a big role in losing weight in fact a pound of muscle you gain in weight lifting burns an extra seven to fifteen calories per day.

Weight lifting improves your body's circulation like other types of exercises. The distribution of oxygen and nutrients to the body's cells is improved as well as oxygen distribution to the brain resulting in a lighter mood and better work, school or other performances. This increases self-esteem because of the fit body achieved and decreases the risk for developing diseases.

Weight lifting routines strengthens the bones especially that of women. Since osteoporosis is a high risk for this gender especially in their middle age Weight Lifting For Women can strengthen not only the muscles but also the bones along with appropriate amounts of protein and calcium.
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