Modern Photography for the Modern Family

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The current times call for the current lifestyle. When it comes to family photography, modern is certainly the preferred trend nowadays. But what does modern photography means for the modern family?
The modern family photography is best described as fresh, casual and fun. If you take a look at old family portrait photos, you will notice that the settings were always formal. Shots were often taken in the living room or in a private studio. The family members were also dressed formally, and not surprisingly, they also had a formal and serious expression in their faces. This old trend in photography is no longer accepted by many families today.
Modern families prefer their pictures taken in outdoor locations. The photo shoots will usually take place in a beach, garden, park or in the home's backyard. The outdoor setting creates a less formal atmosphere that makes every family member feel extremely relaxed and not-too-pressured about their shots. The clothes the family wears are also casual. Seldom can you find family portraits these days where the family is in formal wear with men in suits or the women in long gowns. Although in casuals, it is important that the family wears coordinating colors.
Fresh-faced portraits are also very in. Women are no longer required to be dolled-up with hairstyles that are pulled-up tightly, which make them look like old spinsters. Less make-up is also observed. The target of modern photography is to capture fresh faces of the family, something which will show their true features and natural beauty.
Also observed in modern family photography is the capturing of the genuine personalities and characters of each family member. Instead of merely lining up everybody in a straight line that results to stiff poses, the family is arranged in a more pleasant and relaxing way. The poses can even become fun yet they don't look very tacky. The formal group pictures of the family these days also show a lot of poses but the distinction from the old varieties is palpable with the relaxed and smiling faces of the family.
Candid shots of the family are also very common in modern family photos. The family members are encouraged to interact with one another, to play and to have some fun. These results to happy shots that show the true bonds of love, respect and friendship among the individuals present.
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