Consider These Tips to Create Purposeful Letterhead Design

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letterheads not only convey your business message to your clients but also reflect your brand identity. Therefore, a unique letterhead design will enhance your business image in the eyes of the targeted audience. An effective design of letterhead looks equally impressive on screen and in print. Here are some points that you can consider while creating a letterhead design.

Select the right software

Do not solely rely on Photoshop as there are other useful software that you can explore to create your business letterhead. You can use InDesign and Illustrator. These tools are known for providing greater control on typography. Since these tools are vector-based, you will find drawing and repositioning of simple elements a lot easier.

Do not forget hierarchy

Make sure that your letterhead design places the most important information at the top and lesser details should go to a less significant place. Clearly, your company name or individual's name who is writing the letter should be at the top. Contact information such as telephone number, email address, fax number can come in a smaller font or at the bottom of the page.

Do not forget brand

Make sure that your letterhead design represents your company brand. To ensure this, your letterhead color scheme should match with colors of your logo and website. Fonts, imagery and other elements must support to your overall brand identity.

Special effects

If you opt for professional printing of your letterhead, consider use of special effects. Reverse side of your letterhead can have solid color and then overprint a spot-UV design so that your non-UV-printed areas reflect light differently. Take advantage of modern print effects to achieve a luxurious feel for your letterhead.

Use few colors

It is tempting to use colors but they should be in the designed with a purpose. Colors should support your company brand so that receivers of your letter can instantly recognize your business. A professional design has few colors so that clients can focus on the content of the letter.


Do not use many fonts in your letterhead design. Letterheads should ideally have fonts that have been already used in your company logo, brochures etc. Such a similarity of fonts will help in creating a brand identify and clients can also recall your business easily.


letterhead are a means of carrying your business message to your clients. Design of letterheads hence should carry the elements that help in establishing your brand identity. Selection of fonts, colors, software etc. should be made cleverly.
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