How to Approach Beautiful Women - 3 Tips That Will Make Approaching a Woman Seem EASY

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Most guys are a little shaken by the idea of walking up to a total knockout. They immediately will make the assumption that she is out of their league, and that they stand absolutely no chance whatsoever of having any success with her, so they do not even bother.

This can be a really defeating attitude, because the more times you think like this, the more it becomes your habitual attitude and eventually, you will end up thinking that beautiful women are something that you can only DREAM about.

Every guy knows what it feels like to feel at least a little intimidated about approaching a woman who is very good looking. Even the most successful guys there are at attracting and picking up women have felt this way.

The difference is... they did something about it!

Most men never will and they will always think of attractive women as being out of their league. They will settle down with the first woman that comes along, and get most of their enjoyment out of adult DVDs and magazines.

Wouldn't you like to be one of those guys that gets to have those experiences in REAL LIFE?

Here are 3 tips that will make approaching beautiful women seem EASY to you:

1. Your mental game is more important than anything else, really.

It's the mind that either builds up your confidence or shoots you down and keeps you from ever trying to get this part of your life "handled." And it's the mind that will keep telling you that she will say NO, and that you do not stand a chance at all. so, you have to be able to quite down those thoughts and replace them with much more empowering ones, ones that make you FEEL GOOD about yourself and feel as though you are on the same level as her, no matter how gorgeous she is.

2. Every time that you approach a woman that you find to be intimidating, it will get a little easier.

Experience can wash away those insecure feelings, and the more experience that you rack up approaching women will help you to gain confidence. Just like anything else that you do in life, it seems harder at first, and when you find your groove, then it becomes a lot more fluid for you. The great thing about this is, when it becomes fluid for you to approach a woman, your success at getting dates will shoot up like you would not believe!

3. Knowing how to open an interaction with a woman is key to where things end up.

If you approach a woman, and you open her with some generic pick up line that she has already heard way too many times before, then you have already kind of set yourself up for failure. There is nothing wring with using a line to open a woman, the thing is, it needs to be both unique and effective. When most women get the vibe that you are just gaming them, they will automatically put up a lot of resistance, and you will be more likely to get that dreaded cold shoulder from a woman.
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