Conquer the Fear of Flying With These 10 Simple Steps

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These 10 steps can help you conquer your fear of flying for good.
They are simple, but using them has proven to be an effective way to relieve the anxiety and fear many people experience around flying.
Use abdominal breathing techniques
When we are afraid of flying, our body switched to shallow chest breathing, this actually creates more anxiety and stress.
You need to focus on taking long deep breaths focusing on inhaling into your abdominal area.
This will help relax your body and mind.
Hypnosis can help
I'm a big believer in hypnosis as a tool to eliminate fears and phobias.
Instead of spending lots of money on seeing a hypnotist, try getting some CDs or MP3s of Hypnosis for the fear of flying.
These won't work overnight, but stick with them and you will see the results.
Keep yourself hydrated
Bring water bottles onto the airplane.
Make sure you buy them after you pass security.
They are quite expensive in the airports but I find that when my body is well hydrated it can handle stress and flying anxiety much better.
Natural remedies for the fear of flying
Look into some of the natural herbs that can help relax your body and mind.
Herbs like Saint John's Wort, Kava, Valerian, and Passion Flower are known for their relaxing effects.
Drink chamomile tea
Chamomile tea also has relaxing effects on the body.
Pack some tea bags with you, and simply ask for hot water once you get on the plane.
Use your anger and frustration
Getting mad and angry at my fear has helped me stand up to it.
Just the fact that I realized just how much it has held me back all of my life made me angry enough to decide not to let it stand in my way any longer.
It's time to say, "Enough is Enough! No More!" 7.
Distract your conscious mind
instead of giving room to fearful thought to arise during your flight, focus your mind on a movie or a good book.
Really absorb yourself in it, and you won't have time to have anxiety or panic on the plane.
Meet and greet
Talk to the pilot and to the flight attendants, let them know you have flying anxiety and fear.
They are very kind and will check up on you during the flight.
I know this always provides me with extra comfort when I am traveling alone.
Travel with someone
While not always possible, try traveling with a friend or relative.
Just having someone to talk to during the flight can relax you and help alleviate any flying fear and anxiety.
Comfy clothes
Wear clothes that allow you to be free.
If your clothes make you feel restricted your body is more likely to have that trapped feeling and to start panicking.
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