Effective, Efficient and Durable Emergency Dash Lights

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Emergency dash lights can be highly useful for emergency vehicles when they need to attract the attention of onlookers or caution those around.
Improvisation has been seen to a great extent by manufacturers allowing greater efficiency and effectiveness.
The dash lights could be a few inches wide and around couple of inches thick.
The lights are manufactured for installation flexibility to be used with any vehicle.
The dash lights come in arrays of red and blue colors, with several modules of 1 watt LEDs assembled to provide several different flashing patterns.
The high quality lights are aimed for universal fit for all kinds of vehicles including tow trucks, ambulances, fire engines and escort service vehicles.
The high performance and low-cost emergency dash lights are popular for producing high intensity beams through the use of Generation III LED technology.
Plenty of color combination and flash patterns make them even more effective.
In some cases, the lights have several different flash patterns operating simultaneously.
These lights that could cost anywhere between $100 and $300, offer great value for money and excellent durability, operating for thousands of hours.
Operating with 12 VDC, the current draw is also kept to a minimum.
The lights are properly designed to ensure that they are secure and safe to use in all-weather conditions.
Compact design of the emergency dash lights allows them to be carried anywhere and mounted on any sort of the vehicle.
The dash lights also offer flexibility in the way they can be mounted, ensuring that the angle allows for maximum intensity of light.
The number of LEDs too changes from as few as 12 or 18 LEDs to more than 100 LEDs.
The accessories include mounting brackets, wiring harness, mounting clips, screws and cigarette plug.
There is a control box with in-built functions to vary the flash patterns on the dash lights.
The extension cables will help in mounting the lights on the roof top or the front grille, the deck or the dash.
One of the features of these emergency dash lights is the off angle visibility which ensures that the light spreads in all directions.
Pattern selection can be done through a push button available on the cigarette club.
The flash patterns are bright and attractive and prove very useful in cases where there is a lot of haze and there are problems with visibility.
In such cases, bright flash patterns can be easily spotted, especially in case of highway patrol cars.
Similarly, these flash patterns can help in getting attention of other drivers on a crowded street.
The super bright 5mm LEDs used in emergency dash lights are complemented by the clear lenses that enhance the brightness even further.
The flash patterns are programmed in such a way that the control box can be used to flash all the LEDs with the same color or divide them into multiple flashing patterns.
In fact, it could act as multiple signals for anyone following them.
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