The iPhone 6 Plus - An Unputdownable Device

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One day I was idle at the office to bore down myself. I began to surf the internet aimlessly wandering from website to another. During this purposeless walk down the internet brought me to a website where decorative, house-hold and other things, gadgets and accessories were being sold on the over. It was really a new experience for me.

During this online research, I stopped by a list of the smart phones. I did not play a smart phone before, though I kept looking at the mobiles. I asked myself why I didn't want to have a smart phone. It could solve all my problems; it will help me do my work from anywhere.

Having realized the need to possess smart phones, I am going to share the information and details about the smart phone Apple iPhone 6 plus. Plus, I would like to share my experience with the smart gadget before and after I bought it.

Life before the iPhone 6 Plus:

Before opting for an iPhone e 6 plus, I tried to know about the consumption of the iPhone 6 plus. After some research, I came to know that the iPhone 6 plus is the hottest phone available in the market. Before the inception or the launch of this mobile, people would spend a lot of time on their laptops or desk tops, but now people are spending more time on this gadget. This device has brought a dramatic change in the lives of users more than an Android phone or tablet. As everybody looks forward to having more and more ease of function, Apple's recent brand has perfectly tried to fulfill customer's requirements, as far as I believe.
The majority of users has approved of this device, however, some people have some reservation over the bend-gate scandal. It has refuted or resolved by Apple later on.

While, there is no gain-saying to the fact that there are many notable features in the latest Dubai iPhone 6 model.

The iPhone 6 plus has a bigger screen:

The foremost important feature is the bigger screen which allows the users to view larger content on the screen. This results in lesser consumption of time. There are interesting revelations about its ease and comfort. For instance, it was revealed in a research that 72% of the people are benefitting from its larger screen.


Isn't it insecure to pay in stores with case money? But you should be glad to have it resolved now. Paying has been made easy now. Now you do not have to carry your wallet or purse but you can pay online using Apple app.

I was surprised to take a demo of it. Now it is just one natural motion. A user is not supposed to open an app thanks to the innovative Near Field Communication (NFC) antenna in 6 plus.
To conclude, my experience with Apple's iphone 6 plus is very good. And I hope you will also enjoy your playing on the device. This device is very different from its predecessors.
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