How to Create Ocean Scenery for a Prom

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    • 1). Obtain the measurements of the space you will be decorating for the prom. Measure the height and width of each wall with s measuring tape and use these measurements to purchase enough net lighting and fishing nets to cover every wall.

    • 2). Place fishing nets into the washing machine. Add laundry detergent and wash on gentle cycle in cold water to prevent colors from running. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low.

    • 3). Cut open several cardboard boxes and lay them flat on the ground. Place all of the fish, starfish, shells and other decorations onto the cardboard and spray-paint them with the prom colors. Allow them to dry, touch up as needed and flip the dry decorations over to paint the backsides.

    • 4). Cut 60 to 70 lengths of ribbon about 24 inches long for each embroidery hoop. For a classic ocean-color combination, use various shades of blue ribbons or customize the ribbons to the prom’s selected color scheme or school colors.

    • 5). Hot glue each ribbon to the inside of the embroidery hoop. Glue ribbons around the entire diameter of the hoop. Match up the top edge of the ribbon with the top edge of the hoop. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to cover the diameter of the hoop using a ribbon as wide or slightly wider than the width of the hoop. Place a thin line of glue around the outside diameter of the hoop. Glue the ribbon in place to cover the wooden hoop.

    • 6). Cut two lengths of clear fishing line about 24 inches long. Tie the fishing line on either side of the embroidery hoop to create a hanging mechanism for the chandelier. Repeat steps 5, 6 and 7 to create all of the necessary ribbon chandeliers.


    • 1). Attach three self-adhesive, removable hooks to the top edge of each wall. Place one hook in each corner and one hook in the center. Attach another row of hooks about 2 1/2 feet below the first row of hooks. Open and untangle all of the net lighting.

    • 2). Hang the net lighting from the hooks to cover the entire wall with lights. Suspend the fishing line over the lights by hanging it from the same hooks used to hang the lights. Repeat for each of the walls.

    • 3). Tuck the painted nautical decorations into the nets at random intervals throughout the room.

    • 4). Sketch out the layout of the room. Using a ladder, stand above the location of one of the prom’s dining tables. Push a clear pushpin into the ceiling. Tie the fishing line pieces from a ribbon chandelier to the pushpin to suspend the chandelier over the table. If pushpins are not allowed, secure the ribbon chandelier in place with heavy-duty clear tape. Suspend a chandelier over each dining table and three to five chandeliers over the dance floor.

    • 5). Secure extension cords to the baseboards of the room with heavy-duty clear tape. Plug the net lighting into the extension cords. Plug cords into outlets throughout the room to light the walls.

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