Fur Shawl - Authentic Or Faux?

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Shawls are becoming a trend nowadays.
A few years back, you only saw shawls worn by women during evening parties.
Usually, when the event is done outdoors they will wear a shawl, as it is awkward to wear jackets over a gown.
This will give them warmth in a cold evening, although some used it as their cover-up for their not so flattering bodies.
Now, you can see people wearing it during daytime paired with casual clothes.
Shawls are better substitute for jackets and coats.
There are also shawls available for corporate people.
They are trendy but still look so professional.
Shawl manufacturers used quality fabrics like wool, silk, pashmina and alpaca.
There are many designs.
Plain, stripes, embroidered and lovely prints.
Some have handcrafted beads.
Some are skillfully knitted.
There are a variety of selections for all ages and gender.
There are a lot of styles available that can fit any occasion, wedding, evening gathering or for everyday use.
There are also shawls made from animal furs like rabbit fur and fox fur.
These are quite expensive shawls compared to others.
Many Hollywood celebrities used and still use these trendy cover ups.
Although using authentic furs are highly condemned by animal activists, there are still some stores that are selling them.
Some designers and manufacturers substitute faux fur already to appease these activists and at the same time offer the same design and style to its customers.
There are advantages of using faux fur over the authentic furs.
Shawls made in faux fur are much easier to take care of than authentic furs.
You can wash them and storage is not difficult.
Some shawls made from faux fur looks authentic already because of technology.
Ordinary people would think that it is real.
If you are planning to buy a fur shawl or any type of shawl, you can check online.
Online stores have greater selections than retail stores.
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