Unleash The Giant Within You

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Would you like to have more energy and feel happier every day? Would you like to be a different? Would you like to create a successful image for your life? "We are born princes, and the civilizing process makes us into frog" Eric Berne.
Always you currently self image come from what your unconscious mind store before.
So if you see that you have a limit for your life, you feel that you have this image and if you unleash your mind to create his own model, you will have different results.
Today you will have special technique to create your successful life model and creating the giant within you..
Are you ready? 1-Set in a comfortable place and get relax.
2-Close you eyes.
3-Open your mind and remember the most successful person you want to be like.
Continue looking through a transparent wall for two minuets.
4-Imagine apart from your body get out and penetrate the transparent wall to learn from the successful model of the person you like.
Then that part will monitor his attitude' will learn how he talks, look, smile, feel, work, think...
Your own part is learning all skills you want to acquire.
5-Now your own parts back to you with new skills, feel better with the new model for life success.
6-Make a mix with your new skills; feel better with your model.
7-Imagine yourself in a future, and you are using the new skills that you have in all your multiple life processes.
Observe how you talk, look, feel, work, think...
8-A justify your model to the most powerful successful you want.
9-Now, back your model to you and feel with the new changes that you have in each part of your body; your head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, chest, stomach, knees, legs...
10-Open your eyes.
Congratulation, you create your successful life model.
Each time you rehearse this technique, you unleash the giant inside you with skills in the time and place you want to acquire.
My friend, you have a key, just use it...
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