Increasing Home Value in Newton With Power Washing

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A home value can increase with pressure washing in Newtown, Danbury and other towns. It cost less to power wash than to have professional painters climb paint the outside.

There are many benefits of having pressure washing in Newtown. Many people try making a home look new by painting over an old surface. For the short term the house will look new, but painting over an old surface doesn't work well. What is underneath will cause the paint to peal making the house look older than before. Old residue on the surface of the house does not adhere well to new paint. That can be ground in dirt, developed mildew, splattered bird droppings, and other stains.

The pressure washing in Newtown will clear material that has discolored the house. The elements that are removed include mildew, dirt, oxidation, animal droppings, spider webs, and other elements that have stained on the surface of the house. A direct high velocity stream of water will blast away the elements on the surface leaving the original surface in place. For some surfaces, the high pressure water spray will include bleach or special environmentally friendly cleaners to loosen the elements adhering to the side of the house. A water stream can reach all corners and grooves of the house to reach all hard to reach areas. In many cases, a ladder isn't needed as the water stream reaches the eves of the roof. It is very easy to position the water stream so that surrounding gardens, flowers, and plants aren't disturbed.

A home value can increase with pressure washing in Danbury or any other town. It cost less to power wash than to have professional painters climb ladders and reach all areas of the outside of the house to apply paint. The result of power washing is very much like having a complete painting job. The color is restored as surface oxidation and other stains are removed leaving the fresh color of the original paint. As part of the pressure washing process, a protective house wax is sprayed on to protect the surface from the elements and to give a new freshly painted look without drips and painting mistakes. The power washing also cleans windows and the surrounding window trims to add a nice reflective brightness. The eliminated stains and mildew will make the house look much newer and more attractive.

An advantage of pressure washing in Newton is preventative maintenance. The exterior of the home can be damaged over time with mold, mildew, and algae. This natural born contaminate can result in bacteria getting inside the home and causing infections. If untreated, pneumonia can develop in the lungs resulting in severe illness by residents of the home. Power washing protects your family by eliminating the dangers of mold, mildew, and algae on the surface of the house that can get inside. Power washing is recommended for wood surfaced homes that are more likely to attract the bacterial contaminants that can infect people inside. The contaminants can also produce rot of the wood resulting in a costly replacement. The replacement would then need a paint match. Matching is difficult as paint fades over time. When wood is replaced, a proper look requires painting the entire house. Power washing eliminates the need for a whole house painting.
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