Free Homemade Electricity Basics

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Have you ever considered making your own "homemade electricity"? That this electric power would then be free for you to use.
Wow, what an interesting concept! Every day, I'm sure you consume electric energy, whether it is through the use of rechargeable cellphones, washer/dryer, televisions, your computers, microwaves, lights, dish washer, nifty MP3 players, home heating and air conditioning systems.
Wouldn't it be great if you could furnish your own electricity power for all these appliances and bring your electric bill to zero? Probably, the BIG question in your mind at this moment - is building an electricity generator really possible for you? Does it work? Yes! Let's discuss briefly some important things concerning electricity.
Just like heat and light, electricity is a very common form of energy.
Electric sources occur naturally all around us, but however, most produce only very little power and often it is difficult to harness.
Consider for example, consider the static electricity that quite often happens when you walk across the room on carpets.
Well, aren't we fortunate that a universal law concerning energy is that it can be converted from one power form to another? So, the electric energy you experience around you is merely a product of converting available energy sources into the form of flowing electricity.
The main advantage of this universal law is that electric power generation can be produced on a small scale.
One of the most common ways to get your own homemade electricity is to get and use solar panels.
These solar panels are made up of many photovoltaic cells, or put in more simple terms, light energy is converted to electricity through thin converters.
How is this accomplished? When rays of light rays from the sun strike the wafer-like converter, it activates the photovoltaic cells and produces a flow of electrons, which generates voltage.
Even on a sunny day, the voltage generated from a single cell is quite small.
For this reason, photovoltaic cells are either connected in series or parallel circuits, in order to turn out a higher voltage level.
You probably already know that solar panels have negative aspects.
First consideration is that they are often rather expensive to buy and more expenses occur during installation.
Secondly, compared to other electric generators, solar power panels have a low electricity-producing efficiency rating.
So if you plan to generate your own homemade electricity using photovoltaic solar panels, you might want to flex your wallet so it opens nice and wide.
Converting wind to electricity is another frequent way to produce your own homemade electricity.
Usually, a wind generator is what is used in this process.
In most situations, a dynamo wind generator (the generic term for any electrical motor or generator) is connected to a turbine that is driven to rotate by the wind's force as it blows.
As the turbine rotates surrounded by a field of magnets, it harnesses the wind energy into electricity through the flow of electrons.
The difficulty of wind generated electricity is that the turbines must be placed in strategic locations where the wind is of significant strength.
Even so, compared to solar panels, wind generators provide a relatively higher electricity-producing efficiency rating.
Of course, you realize right off that solar panels and wind generators will not produce electricity if there is no sunlight or wind respectively.
One solution to this problem is to store their generated energy in a series of batteries for times when there's a cloudy day or the wind is still.
There are several viable options for generating your own homemade electricity.
Wind, solar power, a magnetic electricity generator and a Tesla's secret power machine are all available to you.
It's highly recommended that you do more research into a homemade, magnetic electricity generator.
Producing your own electricity could help you free yourself from the burden of the big electric corporations.
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