Guarantee the Success of Your Baby Shower With Games To Keep All Your Guests Entertained

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Baby showers offer a great excuse to party so why leave anything to chance? With a few minutes research online you can pull up a whole range of games designed specifically for baby showers.
Everything from scrabble to bingo, rice and safety pin games to cotton ball games.
Many games are available online as free printable copies.
They're all perfectly suited to a well-planned, fun-filled party.
All you will need to do is make sure you have the items to hand and some kind of idea of what game you want to play at what point in the party.
The cotton ball game is actually a favorite of many baby showers as it's an extremely funny game to watch.
All you'll need is two large bowls, a large kitchen spoon, and something to function as a blind fold.
One of the bowls needs to be filled with cotton balls.
To play the game, you need to have each guest in turn put on the blindfold and transfer as many cotton balls from one bowl to the other as they can.
They are only allowed to use the kitchen spoon to do this.
Someone needs to make a note of how many cotton balls each guest transfers within a minute and whoever transfers the most cotton balls wins the game.
You may also like to try the rice and safety pin game, which is something of a variation on the cotton ball game.
It's another counting game that involves taking a bowl and filling it with dry rice.
You then need a bunch of safety pins mixed in with the rice.
Each guest can be blindfolded in turn and then it is their job to fish out as many diaper pins as they can within one minute.
You need to replace the pins that are taken out after every turn.
Be sure to replace all the pins in the bowl of rice before each guest takes part.
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