How to Connect a PC With an Internet Wireless Card

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    • 1). Shut down your computer. Unplug the power cord from the back of the computer tower. Disconnect all external hardware. Place the computer on a stable workspace. Ideally, you do not want to have your workspace over a carpet floor. Never open up your computer directly on carpet or another fabric-covered surface, such as a bed or sofa. Carpet and fabrics greatly increase the risk of static discharge. A charge too small for you to feel can be the end of your computer. It is wise to wear an antistatic wrist strap while working with your computer's internal hardware.

    • 2). Open the PC's case. Many PC cases will have a panel held down by screws. Others may have a handle or clip for easy removal. If you are removing screws, place them in a cup or another secure container to ensure that you don't lose any.

    • 3). Locate your motherboard. If your PC has a fan duct, you may need to remove this first to gain access to the motherboard. Again, place all loose screws in a safe place.

    • 4). Locate a free adapter card slot on your motherboard. If you are unsure of where a card slot can be found, check the user manual for your particular model of motherboard. Insert the copper metal edge of the wireless card into the card slot. It should snap in securely when facing the right way. Once the card is installed, replace the case and any other internal hardware components that were removed.

    • 5). Plug in and reboot your computer. Wait for your computer to detect the new hardware. If your wireless card came with driver software, install it at this time. Otherwise, follow your computer's on-screen instructions to download the drivers for your wireless adapter.

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