How to Use Veneer Plaster

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    • 1). Cut and hang the blueboard panels just as you would regular drywall. Attach the panels to the studs using traditional drywall screws.

    • 2). Apply a layer of paper tape at each seam to keep joint finishes smooth.

    • 3). Mix your veneer plaster with water. Follow the instructions on the packaging exactly to determine how much water you will need.

    • 4). Use your trowel to apply a very thin coat of the plaster to the blueboard panels. This is your base coat, and it should be approximately 1/16-inch thick. Once you've finished, give this first coat an hour to dry.

    • 5). Apply your second coat. Using your trowel, apply the plaster in smooth, even strokes, making sure not to leave any areas unfinished. This coat should also be 1/16-inch thick.

    • 6). Wait 48 hours to ensure your plaster is dry. You can leave the walls unfinished if you like the look of the veneer plaster or use paint to complete the look of your walls.

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