How Can a Freelance Writer Help Small Businesses?

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In today's hectic lifestyles, nobody has time to do everything.
This is especially true for small business owners like you.
You have enough on your plate with trying to get your business going, keeping it on track, and finding ways to build your clientele.
It's very unlikely you have time to do any of the writing that comes along with building your business - and there's a lot of it.
From the copy in your brochure, to the writing on your web site, to press releases to get noticed, to articles to submit to ezines to increase your web traffic, to introduction and sales letters, there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done.
Not only is lack of time an issue, but for many people, the writing itself is enough to cause headaches.
What is SEO and how do you do it?What's the best way to create a buzz about your business?Should you have a blog?What about these ezines?What are those all about?How do you create an interesting article that is more than keyword phrases blasted all over the place?This is where a freelance writer can make all the difference in the world to you and to your business.
An experienced freelance writer has the knowledge to not only write the copy you need, but to advise you in the areas listed above.
Even better, when you pass the writing off to someone else, you have more time to devote to what you do best - focusing on your business, and in all likelihood, the job will get done quicker than if you did it yourself.
So, if you decide to hire a writer, how do you know the person you select has the chops to get the job done?After all, anyone can call themselves a writer, but that doesn't mean they can give you what you need.
Here are Five Tips to help you select the freelance writer you need:
  1. Check their Web Site.
    Is it professional in appearance?Do they have a portfolio available for you to peruse?What about a client list - is it there?When you're looking for a freelance writer to help you build your business, make sure they know what they're doing with their own business first.
    The freelance writer you hire should have a web site that gives you the information you need.
    And if they don't have a web site, consider that a red flag.
    While it doesn't necessarily mean they don't have adequate writing experience, it should concern you that they haven't invested enough in their own business to build a web site.
  2. Current and Past Clients.
    Who do they work for?Who have they worked for?What do their clients think of them?Would they work with the writer in question again?A legitimate freelance writer will have plenty of references to pass your way.
    In fact, their web site should, at the very least, give you the option of requesting a client list via private email.
    It's even better if they have a partial client list on their site for you to skim through - and if there are testimonials, that's a huge plus.
  3. Examples of their Work.
    Before you hire any writer, you should be able to see either a portfolio of their work on their web site, or have examples of their writing sent to you.
    This is true even for freelance writers that have impressive client lists.
    Why?Because every writer has a different style and tone to their writing - so what one person loves, another might not be so enthused about.
    This is your business.
    When you're hiring a writer to help you - be sure you love their writing.
  4. Style of Communication.
    If you've gotten this far, you've found at least one freelance writer you're interested in enough to pursue a possible working relationship.
    Now it's important to discover if the way they work is compatible to the way you work.
    Most of this will boil down to communication.
    Are they available by phone?If this is important to you, then you wouldn't want to hire someone who will only communicate via email or instant messaging.
    On the other hand, if you prefer email communication, you might not want to work with someone who prefers communication via phone.
    While this might seem like a small matter, you could end up working with this person for a long time - it's smart to pick a writer that is compatible from the beginning.
  5. Delivery and Deadlines.
    This is another area that is going to be completely subjective from one person to another, but it's also one that should be considered from the very beginning.
    If the type of writing services you need demand a quick turnaround, i.
    less than a week, 100 percent of the time, be sure the writer you hire is able to do this.
    Most freelance writers have their time scheduled anywhere from two weeks to three months in advance, so finding one to work around your deadlines is going to be critical.
    Of course, once you develop a good working relationship with a writer, chances are they'll be happy to go that extra mile for the once-in-a-while quick turnaround project.
As a last note, consider what you want from a writer before you hire one.
Be sure that your expectations are on par with what the writer can realistically deliver.
While a talented and experienced freelance writer can help you build your business, everything else to do with your business is on your end.
In other words, good writing can help a business get noticed -- but good business is the only thing that will keep any business IN business.
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