What to Do When Your Boyfriend Wants a Break?

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There will come a time in a relationship, when things, such as break-ups will surprise you.
What would you do when your boyfriend wants a break? Here are some tips on how to deal with break-ups: Vent Out It is but natural to feel bad after a break-up.
Feel free to let out your anger and your frustrations.
Have a girl's night out with your friends and enjoy yourself.
Party till the break of dawn, and enjoy like there's no tomorrow.
Dealing with the emotions when your boyfriend wants a break is tricky.
You need to let your feelings out in order to get over it once and for all.
Grieve Allow yourself to grieve once you have accepted the loss.
Grieving is good.
Cry if you feel sad, talk with friends and relatives about your hopes, your disappointments, your fears, your feelings.
Let everything come out unfettered.
Grieving would be an emotional indication to you that it is over, which is extremely important for you to heal emotionally.
Be Productive Once you have accepted that you're going to be single again, keep yourself busy with productive things such as concentrating in your work, studies, or starting a new project to keep yourself from thinking about your loss.
Use this time to enjoy yourself.
Read, see TV or develop a new hobby which would occupy you and also bring you joy.
You might even try to use your free time for a professional course or learning a new language.
Time heals all wounds.
As you concentrate on other things, time will come; you will no longer feel the pain of your loss.
Play the Field Getting on the playing field again, does not mean you're looking for a rebound relationship.
Be fair to yourself.
Meet new people and enjoy yourself.
Just remember not to get into serious relationships that soon, for it will only lead to heartbreak and more pain.
Just keep yourself open to new options, but with restrictions.
Revenge is not Sweet Falling in and falling out of love happens.
It is sad - but it happens.
Accept this as a fact and do not seek revenge for being set aside for another person.
Break up are usually emotionally shattering because they are interpreted as rejection.
However, it is not rejection.
It is a way to say that "I am not getting what I want from you.
" This is fine - nothing personal.
Everybody is entitled to their opinion and happiness.
Respect this choice and forget revenge.
When you hate or plot for revenge, you can never let go of the past.
Remember, "Revenge is the confirmation of pain.
" It also ties you up with the past - never allowing you to really move ahead.
Do you really want that?
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