Medical Dramas On Satellite TV

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Medical drama has always been a preferred genre on satellite TV. Since the inception of this new brand of entertainment, there have been a slew of successful medical dramas on dish TV. The success of these shows has encouraged others to take up the production of medical dramas. So what does these shows have that they make them such a raging hit among dish network viewers? The obvious answer that comes is content. The content on these shows are well-researched, well-written and well presented. Viewers love to watch the fight between life and death. These shows become symbols of hope for many.

One of the more popular satellite TV shows is 'Grey's Anatomy'. This series is based in a hospital. The story unfolds with various patients recuperating from their illness or succumbing to it. It's also about the lives of the doctors and the interns who spend almost all of their waking time, tending to patients and helping them overcome their inner monsters, along with their illness. The series delves deep into the interpersonal relationships between the patients and their doctors. Dish TV viewers love to tune in every single episode of 'Grey's Anatomy'. The simplicity of the plotline and the smart writing make this series a success among dish network viewers. The series has picked up multiple Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

Another satellite TV favorite is 'House'. This series is different in appeal and plot construction as opposed to 'Grey's Anatomy'. 'House' revolves around the character of Dr. Gregory House. Dr. House is one of most endearing characters on dish TV. His wry humor and cynicism touches a chord with viewers. The most striking part of his personality is his brilliance. He's an ace doctor who loves challenges. He really likes it when a patient is on the verge of losing hope. Dr. House is not hesitant to take on the authority, his peers or just about anyone to cure a patient. He believes that a doctor's duty was to cure the patient and leave rather than sit back and hold the patient's hand as he dies. The driving force of this series on dish network would have to be the character of Dr. House.

There have been a spate of reasons why medical dramas rule satellite TV. One reason could be that these shows do their research. Many viewers are known to say that they learnt a lot from watching these medical dramas. For starters, they picked up first-aid procedures. They are now more familiar with the medical process, insurance, medical tests and procedures. Medical dramas have proved that viewers are looking for something different on their dish TV screens. Their thumping success has proved that with the right content, any series with a strong premise and real-life situations can be agreeable to the tastes of the dish network viewer. The prime reason, according to the TV industry experts, that propelled medical dramas to the height of the TRP ratings and stabilized their position there is the factor of hope.
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