ATI Radeon 7000 Technical Specifications

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    • ATI Technologies Inc., based in Beverly, Mass., supplies support and services of electronic components worldwide. ATI Radeon 7000 is a PCI graphics card manufactured in 2002. At that time, the card provided accelerated video and 3D true color. It was purchased as an upgrade for older Macs that needed faster video cards or for Macintosh users who wanted to add an extra monitor to their computer system.

    System Requirements

    • The ATI Radeon 7000 requires a Power Macintosh computer with a 66 MHz or 3 MHz PCI.


    • The card is a 32-bit PCI local bus. It is compliant with the specifications for PCI version or 66MHZ compatible.

    Operating System

    • The graphics card is compatible with Mac Operating System 9 or Mac OS 10.1. QuickTime version 5.0 or higher and Apple OpenGL 1.2.2 or higher are also required.


    • The card has 32 MB memory and 256 bit memory interface. ATI Radeon 7000 supports PCI Multimedia Standard and 64MB of relocatable memory aperture. The effective memory clock is 143MHZ.

    Ports and Connectors

    • Display connectors include DVI-I connector and Standard VGA connector. A composite out adapter is included with the card for the S-video out connector. Monitors that have Apple connectors are supported with the use of an Apple-to-VGA video adapter.

    3D Mode Table

    • The number of full-screen windows that can be displayed at any given resolution is measured by the 3D mode table. For example, a resolution of 512 by 384, 20.50 windows are possible at 32MB with a 16-bit z-buffer. With a 32-bit z-buffer at 32MB, 13.75 windows can be displayed. The number of windows that can be displayed decrease as the resolution increases.


    • Ambient temperature range for the graphics card operation is 50 to 122 degrees. Storage temperature range is 32 to 162 degrees. The relative humidity range is 5 percent to 90 percent during operation and up to 95 percent while in storage.

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