Try To Make Differences In PhotographyShooting At Low Angle

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Many novices of photograph used to take photos at a horizontal angle, which always makes the photos dull. Then try shooting at a low angle! It is common situation to most of the people as we are used to observe this world at a horizontal angle. In fact, the low angle can take more visual impact to viewers. Below experiences of mine may be helpful for you.
Observe the world at low angle.
Have you found the photos seem some strange while shooting children or small animals? That is just because you are shooting at your normal position. In fact, take photos at a low angle may bring you surprise images. Low angle, however, not only shoot from low to high, but also include shooting close to the ground.
Think seriously about the shooting angle
It is not advocating blindly shooting at a low angle, but taking into account the low angle shooting to make your photos diversify. For example, when shooting children or small animals, you can try to see them at them angles.
Pay attention to the exposure
Shooting should pay attention to the exposure of the image. If the contrast between the background and the subject, the subject may be underexposed while the background is normal (like silhouette); or the subject is normal while the background is overexposed (background white). For example, the sky is often dead white when it is cloudy and the image will be some tedious. Therefore, you need to think careful while considering the camera angles.
Be patient to composition
If the photographers use a normal digital camera to shoot at low angle, it is difficult to frame and composition through the viewfinder. The result is that people only try the way of Trial-and-error, which means it needs more patience of the photographer. If the camera has a real-time display of the Live View function, or even has the features of multi-angle screen, that will be greater.
Use wide angle lens
The wide angle lenses can take more scenes into the screen; coupled with the wide-angle lens perspective deformation objects close to the lens, and vice versa. The photographers can take full use of the characteristics of the wide-angle lens to shooting scene rich and exaggerated images. In addition, it is also convenient for photographers to edit them in the post-processing.
Control aperture and focus to highlight the subject
The aperture can control depth of field while the focus is able to determine the clear position of the image. Try to flexibly use both of them and appropriate composition, then you can highlight your subject.
At last: more observing, more trying
Photography is both art and science. You may need to try many times to find your best angle.
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