Free Storage Barn Plans - Do Not Make My Mistake

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So you are thinking about getting some free storage barn plans [] for that storage shed you want in your yard. Are you sure that free is the way to go? With "free" sometimes you get just what you paid for...nothing.

I know getting free stuff is not always a bad thing, but in the case of building plans and designs you may want to rethink your strategy. I know because I have been there and done that.

I too wanted to build a nice barn storage shed in my yard so I started with doing some searches on the internet for free plans. Of course I got a lot of options to choose from and I actually did download some free plans.

Unfortunately I did not take the time to do more research and just downloaded one of the first things that came up from my search. This was not a good idea. The plans I got and what I was looking for were two totally different things.

I think the plans I downloaded were some old designs someone had laying around for years and decided to scan them into the computer and give them away. Boy, were they hard to read and figure out. They also did not come with any extra directions like cut charts or materials list. All I got was the plans and they were not much help at all.

So I started all over again and did find a site with some really great free plans. I ended up buying their whole set of over 12,000 woodworking and shed plans because the free ones were so nice.

All in all I ended up with a very nice storage barn and was able to move a lot of the lawn furniture and equipment out of the garage and free up more room for the cars. What a novel idea, actually having room to keep the cars in the garage.
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