The Chinese (Reactive) Drywall Saga - Possible Physical Conditions Due to Exposure in Your Home

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As the Chinese Drywall story continues, it is getting more interesting.
Because the investigation continues, it has been learned that the drywall is labeled on some of the drywall but not all.
This basically is telling us that it is impossible to identify strictly by name on the back only.
This is a new twist in the evolving story that is now being called Chinese (Reactive) Drywall by a protocol being developed for the State of Florida by the Florida Professional Coalition for Chinese (Reactive) Drywall.
This is a positive development to help set up a way to develop a plan of action to remove it.
According to Coalition member Ron Bailey, who has described the effects of what can happen in your home.
The effects can be failure of the A/C Coils, corrosion on the electrical wiring systems, corrosion on the plumbing fixtures such as faucets and drain pipes.
The copper plumbing pipes and fittings will corrode until they reach a failure point.
This is pretty serious when it starts to affect the major components of your home.
During a lecture that I attended when Ron Bailey was talking about the additional list of things to look for in a home you might inspect for this problem was the Metal Studs.
They are the supporting walls that are showing signs of de-zincifying which means they are losing their protective exterior covering.
If you think about it, the studs could be compromised over time due to this phenomena.
He also talked about personal property in the home that was being affected such as the following: 1.
Large Electrical Appliances such as Refrigerators and Stoves 2.
Small Electrical Appliances such as toasters,blenders, microwaves and coffee pots.
Computers, Televisions, Video Equipment such as CD Players 4.
Any electronic item with electronic boards or wiring connections 5.
Personal items such as silverware, jewelry and picture frames In conclusion, Chinese (Reactive) Drywall is a serious problem but a protocol is being developed for the State of Florida by the Florida Professional Coalition for Chinese (Reactive) Drywall to show us how to handle the problem.
It can affect all parts of your home which also includes your electronic items in your home such as computers, TV's or silverware.
If you feel that your health has been compromised by Chinese (Reactive) Drywall, contact your Doctor immediately.
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