Color Harmony For Rooms - A Blue Room Helps Concentration

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Blue is a color with which we feel very familiar, since it is the color of the sky in all of its variations, from pale to dark blue.
Pale blue is distant and removed, just as the morning sky, dark blue is relaxing, calming and contemplative, as is also the evening sky.
When a clear and calm feeling is required for a room, blue is the perfect color.
Psychologically, it is inward oriented and intellectually deep, especially the darker shades.
Consequently, it also transmits this energy to a room.
Medium or deep blues are ideal for applying to rooms requiring a high level of concentration.
Blue is an easy color to combine with other hues.
It looks great with orange, its complementary color.
This would be an ideal hue to add by means of artwork or textiles, if the overall feeling is too cool.
During cold winters, adding warm colors would give an impression of a higher temperature.
Blue has a very noble character and can be used to create an elegant room.
It is also an excellent hue if you wish to set off wooden furniture.
The color of wood belongs to the orange family.
Consequently , it harmonizes beautifully with blue.
Wooden furniture will be accentuated.
This is good if well loved antiques pieces need to stand out and be accentuated.
A pale blue will make a room look more spacious.
It can, however, seem very cool and bleak if used for large areas or long corridors.
In this case, it would be important to combine it with warm neutrals, derived from orange.
Applying a pale blue to the ceiling will make it appear higher.
When used for floor coverings, it will give a sense of effortless movement.
Blue is a color that appeals to most people and has been used for interiors during all periods.
It is very versatile and can look just as exquisite in classical rooms as in ultra-modern interiors.
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