Dai Biao - Daily Mandarin Lesson

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representative; delegate; to represent; to stand for


Tone marks: ?dài biao
Tone numbers: dai4 biao3

Chinese Characters

Traditional: ??
Simplified: ??

First Character: ? (dài) – substitute; replace; generation; dynasty; geological era; era; age; period
Second Character: ? (biao) – surface; exterior; to watch; to show; express; an example; a list or table; a meter; a watch; chart; external

Examples of Dài Biao

Audio files are marked with ?
?Ta jiang dàibiao xuéxiào canjia yanjiang bisài.
He is going to represent his school in a public speaking competition.

?Zhègè fúhào dàibiao shénme?
What does this mark stand for?
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Dai Biao - Daily Mandarin Lesson

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