Things You Need to Start Your Business Like a Surety Bond

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Having you own business is a gratifying experience.
You can set your own hours, work at your pace and decide what's best for you and your employees.
When starting you business sometimes getting everything off the ground can become overwhelming.
People don't always realize all of the red tape that you have to go though to get things started.
Here are a few tips that really helped me: If you can get away with it I would recommend working from your house; at least until your business is financial stable to move into an office.
Getting a vanity number is great for customers to remember and they only cost's a few dollars more a month.
A fax machine is still important, even though email has pretty much replaced.
It's better to have a fax and not need to use a fax then need a fax and not have a fax my dad always says.
I think in today's modern world your website is one of you key business strategies.
You can have your customers do most of the work for you those eliminating time and money wasted by doing it yourself.
If you are in the professional service such as a mortgage broker you will need to have a Mortgage broker bond.
This bond does not protect you but your clients against fraud.
The Mortgage broker bond is a surety bond and the amount of the bond varies from state to state.
You must have this bond in order to obtain your license from the State.
You can get a mortgage broker bond for an insurance agent but I recommend using a surety bond agent.
Your insurance agent may be great for writing you personal insurance but surety is a different world.
Surety bonds are more of a reverse insurance policy there are no deductibles' and you do not have a choice of different coverage's since there are all drafted in the bond form which is derived from state statues and laws.
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