How to Get My Parakeets to Eat Fruit & Veggies

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    • 1). Wash fresh, crispy fruits and vegetables thoroughly. Dice and slice produce in small pieces. Remove pits and cores. Leave skins on all produce.

    • 2). Place raw, rinsed, chopped and prepared produce at room temperature in small cups in the cage with the parakeets in the morning. Leave it in the cage for the day. Remove it at night or when it wilts, and discard any not consumed. Continue to place the fruits and vegetables in the cage, every morning without fail, even if the birds don't touch the produce and remove it when it wilts.

    • 3). Move the fruit and veggies around in different spots in the cage. Hang the fruit or veggies close to their favorite spots, such as near where they perch, so they can conveniently nibble while they are perching. Wedge pieces of cut fruit in between the cage bars at multiple spots where they bathe or play or sit. Tie strips of crunchy veggies to the cage bars to make vertical treats they can pick at.

    • 4). Wrap produce around favorite toys that they pick at or chew on so they can "accidentally" get some of the fruits and veggies. Finely chop carrots and broccoli crowns and mix within the seed mix so they can't help but try it.

    • 5). Keep your budgies interest by replacing wilting fruits or veggies during the day with fresh and crunchy, moist tidbits. Your budgies will eventually like the fruits and vegetables.

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