How to Buy a Car From the Salvation Army

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    • 1). Navigate to the official Salvation Army USA website and enter your ZIP code. This will bring up a list of the branches nearest you, along with telephone numbers.

    • 2). Call your local branch to get information about car auctions. Each area holds its own auction, so no two auction processes are alike. Most auctions are held monthly, with either Salvation Army staff or a professional auction company presiding over the event.

    • 3). Register for the next auction, if necessary. Most, though not all, local auctions require some kind of sign-up or registration to bid on cars at auction. There may be a small registration fee involved.

    • 4). Show up before the auction to inspect the cars available and see if there are any you want to buy. You should be allowed to start the engine and check under the hood and the interior to make sure it is what you want.

    • 5). Bid on the car you would like. The auction process generally goes very quickly, so make sure you know your limit of what you are willing to spend, and bid appropriately.

    • 6). Make arrangements for the car to be picked up or hauled off, if necessary. Though many of the cars for the Salvation Army auctions work and can be driven off, some are sold only for parts. If you choose to buy a non-working car for parts, there is generally a time limit as to how long you can leave it on the lot before it needs to be picked up. Make sure you have the car removed within that time frame.

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