How to Check Keyword Density

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      Check keyword density

      After you're done writing your article and finishing your keyword optimization, check keyword density by first getting a word count of your entire article. A word processor comes in handy here, since most of them come with a word count tool. If you use Microsoft Word, do a word count of your article by clicking the "Tools" tab and then going to "Word Count". A box should pop up displaying the total number of words in your article as well as some other handy data.

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      Check keyword density

      Now you'll need to do a word count of your keywords or keyword phrases in the article to check keyword density. You can either manually count how many keywords are in your article or you can use a word processor to find the keywords, if the word processor allows it. In Microsoft Word, you can easily see how many times you've used a keyword by going to the "Edit" tab and clicking "Find". When the box pops up, type in the keyword you want the processor to find and check mark "Highlight all items found in Main Document". Now, click the "Find all" button and you should see "Word found (number here) items matching this criteria". Handy isn't it?

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      Check keyword density

      Now for the fun part! Time to get out that calculator and check keyword density. Go ahead and use your built in computer calculator if you have to. Divide the number of times the keyword was used with the number of words in your article. Once you discover the answer, multiply this number by 100 (Example: 40 / 1000 = 0.04 * 100 = 4%).

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