Buying That First Rifle Scope

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Today, almost all hunters use a rifle scope of some kind.
The reason being is simplicity.
With a scope all you have to do is line up your crosshairs (reticle) with your target.
Also, it is so much easier to learn to shoot with a rifle scope than with the old iron sights.
They also magnify making the target appear much closer, therefore easier to see.
When looking to purchase your first rifle scope, or seeking one for a child, there are several things to take into consideration.
First and foremost, since the rifle scope is being purchased for a newcomer to the hunting scene (also known as a novice), you certainly should not be looking at those costing $1000 or more.
In fact, a novice should not spend more than $150.
00 for this piece of equipment.
The reason being, hunting is an expensive hobby and a person needs to be sure that this is how they want to spend much of their free time before spending considerable amounts of money on this pastime.
There are some manufactures that specialize in low end (inexpensive) rifle scopes.
You need to check out some of the better ones, but do not buy, unless it can pass our simple test.
Also, at times you can find great deals from well known manufactures like Nikon and Leopold.
It would be to your advantage to check them out before making any purchase.
Here is a list all the considerations before making that purchase.
Price - Do not spend over $150.
00 2.
Material Quality - Made of sturdy material like steel or aluminum.
Never buy one made of plastic.
Magnification - Make sure magnification can be adjusted with an easy to use knob so that the Power can easily be changed.
Lens - Rule of thumb is to choose a scope with a larger objective lens to allow maximum light to the eye piece.
Also, a multi-coated lens is essential to cut down on reflective glare 5.
Must be air proof, water proof, and shock proof.
The knock on cheap rifle scopes is that they will not hold up to the rigors of a hunt 6.
Warranty - How long will coverage to be effective? Can I transfer warranty to new owner if sold? Do not expect a $100.
00 rifle scope to perform and last like one that cost $1000.
It just will not happen.
At some later time, if you find that this outdoor activity is for you, then by all means go up in quality and price the two go hand in hand.
The better the quality, the higher the price.
One last thing is good luck and good hunting.
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