Gay Dating Gone Wrong

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Gay Dating- It's not over till the fat lady sings.

So the honeymoon period is over, things aren't so good, he looks bored and you feel deflated, are you both just tired or are these warning signs that the relationship is on the brink of failure and it's time to move on? We look at these signs and offer you an insight into them so you can recognise them earlier.

Arguing- all couples argue, this doesn't necessarily mean the relationship is on the rocks. Next time you argue over something trivial ask yourself why you're both doing this? Is it keeping the sparks flying in your relationship or simply giving you both something to talk about.

Is he still your soul mate? Imagine something really bad has just happened, who would you call first? Is it him? Now imagine something really great has just happened and ask yourself the same question. If neither of those answers is him you're in trouble dear.

Things seem to be lacking. A lot of people focus their relationship breakdown to the physical side of things, like sex, but it's the mental things too, like the lack of conversation that should ring alarm bells in your head.

Revisiting the menu, even after you've picked and received your dish, with your dish right in front of you. In other words checking out other men even when you're with your boyfriend.

Although these can all be warning signs that the party is over, it may just be that you need something to spice up your relationship, try speaking to a sexpert at [], or maybe you both need a break. Whatever your situation and whatever the outcome remember the key to a successful relationship or a painless break up is, in the words of Aretha R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

For gay relationship advice speak to our Aunt at []
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