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Have you ever felt a sense of dread as you tried to locate a computer file unsuccessfully? On a yearly basis, hundreds of thousands of people find that they are unable to access important documents due situations that simply couldn't be avoided or predicted.
Plain and simple, bad things happen and sometimes this creates serious problems for your computer.
If you lost all of your files in a fire, flood or theft, could you ever replace them? What are your files worth to you? Mozy can protect your computer from these undesirable situations.
It is easy to use and will ensure your files will never be lost.
Here's how it works:
  • Sign Up: To start with Mozy, simply sign up for an account.
    The process should only take a few minutes and then you get started with Mozy.
  • Download: One you have an account, you will complete a simple download to get Mozy installed on your computer.
    The process is painless and will be finished very quickly.
  • Backup and Protect: Once the install is completed, Mozy is ready to protect your files.
    You can choose to back up some files, all your files or specific areas.
    These files will automatically backup whenever your computer is on whether they are open or closed.
    This ensures that you always have the most up to date information available.
See, backup with Mozy is simple.
However, is your information safe? With Mozy, you can rest assured that your personal files will only be available to you.
Here is an overview of the protections that Mozy has in place.
  • Bank Level Encryption: Files are worth more than money many times.
    This is why Mozy uses the same 128 bit SSL encryption that banks use to protect financial information.
    Your files will be safe.
  • Hacker Proof Storage: While your files are in storage, they are protected from even the most talented hackers.
    Mozy uses 448 Blowfish encryption on the files in storage which practically ensures that your files will never be hacked.
  • Automatic Backup: You can backup on your schedule or let Mozy handle it automatically.
    If you set Moxy up for automatic updates, you will never need to manually backup your system again.
    If your needs change, you can change your preferences at any time.
  • Notices Small Changes: Mozy carefully monitors your computer to ensure that even the smallest changes are noticed and saved.
    Mozy won't miss even the smallest comma.
  • Compatible with Outlook: If you use Outlook for your email needs, Mozy will also ensure that your emails are regularly backed up.
  • Quick and Easy: Mozy uses state of the art technology to recognize new files and only save the changes.
    This helps them to provide quick backup.
    Often, you won't even notice Mozy working as it protects your vital files.
Mozy offers many great features in addition to their superior backup service.
Better yet, retrieval of your files is simple if you should ever need them.
In fact, all you need to do is click your mouse a couple of times and you will have your information again.
Is Mozy Affordable? Mozy is affordable which makes it possible for anyone to afford online backup.
Their services are less than $5 a month.
If you aren't sure, consider trying Mozy's free service before you buy their complete package.
Mozy allows you to backup 2 GB of information at no charge.
You don't even need a credit card to register for their free service.
When you like what you try, you can simply upgrade and start protecting everything.
Don't run the risk of losing all of your important files.
Use Mozy to backup important files now, before disaster strikes.
You can read Mozy reviews from customers that have used this service.
With their low rates and free trial, you really have no excuses.
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