What is Hindering Your Goals?

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Many people battle with chasing their goals.
I say chasing becomes people run after them and often let them drift away! The main reason- excuses and assumptions.
It is vital that you never 'assume' anything.
Have you heard the phrase 'the sin of assumption'? That is how bad some people see assumption! Your probably thinking, "What are we meant to do if we can't assume?!" Well, the answer is simple.
Deduce! Sure sometimes you have to assume.
But never stop aiming for your goals because you have assumed the worse of a situation.
It is absolutely fine if you deduce that you cannot go down a route to achieve your goal, but then go and look for another route! Too many people count themselves out because it didn't work the first time.
When you see Olympic athletes, what do you see? Do you see a talented person? Do you see someone that has everything going for them? Or, do you see someone that achieved the impossible? The difference between Olympic athletes and the average person on the street, is that these athletes did not see the impossible, they saw beyond the realms of their gifts.
Their vision was greater than their ability! No-one is born with that much ability! The top performing tennis stars are out every morning from a very early age spending hours every single day on the court working to achieve their vision.
But then this is what sets apart the great from the average.
It is entirely up to you whether you want to be great, or average.
Maybe you would be happy with just a little bit above average? More than likely you are reading this article because you want to be great! First thing you need to do is challenge your belief system.
What do you believe? Does it restrict your potential? Are you caught up in a box? Once you have defined your belief system it will be simpler to see which belief could be hindering you from achieving your goals.
From here you need to try and decide what can aid you in changing your mindset.
Little hint- I've got an article on mindset.
Read it, apply it.
Make sure your goals are written down.
A goal is simply the shortest route from where you are to where you want to be.
It should not be more complicated than this! It should be a journey that you enjoy, seeing results along the journey.
Make sure you do enjoy it! This is your life, these are your goals!
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