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If you want to get rid of the chilled floors in your house and want to heat the floors of rooms in your house, where level of the heat is less when compared to remaining rooms, then it is time to think about electric radiant heat mats. Radiant floor mats are used to heat  bathrooms, sunrooms, basement  remodelling. If you want to heat the floor of a particular room in your house, where level of the heat is  less when compared to remaining rooms, then you have to select electric radiant heat mats system. Hydronic system and Electric  system are two different kinds of radiant floor system.

Now a days, radiant floor tile heating is expanding very well. It will take the chill off a tile floor. It is also becoming very popular in home market because of it's utility. We can also use radiant floor mats to warm the floor. Radiant floor tile heating is generally used in bathrooms, because you can experience a nice feeling when step on warm floor while stepping out of bathroom. For this you have to purchase pre-plumbed radiant heating packages. It is better to choose such kits which include complete instructions, material list, assembly  diagrams, tubing layout, material specification and troubleshooting information. Because, they will help you a lot at the time
of installation. Installation of radiant floor tile is of two types: wet and dry. The case of wet installation comes when to install in the ground floor.  And in the second case, when you wish to install the  radiant floor system on the upper floors of your home, the dry installation system  comes on to the screen. In this system, tubing will be done underneath the sub floor, between the joists.

The operation of radiant floor tile is invisible to the eye of the consumer, consisting of a network of pipes running beneath the floor. Installing radiant floor tile heating  involves covering the floor with closely spaced heating cable, connecting the cables to a thermostat and then covering them. First of all draw the exact placement and location of pipes in the room as it is important to locate the position of the thermostat depending on the size of the mat and it requires a dedicated circuit. After settling cables, connect it to the thermostat. Care must be taken that all radiant floor heating products are successfully installed. Hydronic system and Electric system are also two different kinds of radiant floor system.

One more important tip is, individual thermostats in different rooms can increase your savings, since multiple zoning allows you to lower the heat in rooms you aren’t  using. Now while laying tiles over the pipes, it would better to take an advice from the tile provider for better tiles. Finally, it is very is important to select correct type of tiles or the floor. Because, ceramic tile is good at conducting and stores heat, this is the most effective floor covering for radiant floor tile heating. Some floor coverings like vinyl, linoleum, carpeting and wood, can also preferable, but they will be less efficient since they help insulate the floor from the room.

Additionally, do not forget to choose an experienced technician who has pretty much experience in installing any type of floor heating  systems either wet or dry. It will also helps you in understanding the procedure of installing the electric radiant heat system with out any mistakes. Make sure  that you will have a good technical support when ever you may face any technical problem, even after installing  the electric radiant floor heating systems.
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