A Vibrator For Your Partner Can Bring Passion Back Into the Bedroom

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For the guys out there that think their partner doesn't need a vibrator, you'd better think again.
Most women don't reach orgasm through intercourse alone.
That's right, you heard me.
I know it can be tough for your big egos to take the fact your manhood down south just ain't enough to send your woman over the top.
Studies show time and time again that your woman must have clitoral stimulation to climax.
Whether it be with your fingers, tongue, or a vibrator, you're much more likely to get her motors revving for a mind blowing orgasm than just getting it wet and pounding away.
Trust me on the last part of that sentence.
Don't get hung up on what you see in porn.
They are actors geared towards pleasing the men watching, not the women performing.
Now I know it can be tough to swallow your pride and accept the fact that what you've been doing may not be enough.
I was one of those that had a hard time dealing with the fact that my awesome thrusting action just wasn't hitting the right spot.
You'd be surprised at just how many women are faking an orgasm either to get you to hurry up, to give you an ego stroke, just being nice, or all of the above.
So now that your armed with the knowledge and have swallowed that pride, you're ready to get started on sending your partner into outer space.
Online stores like The Slippery Pie have a wide assortment of different vibrators and other sex toys.
Talk to your partner about it.
If she hasn't used a sex toy in the past, she may be a little shy to use one at first.
But once she's tried one, the passion in the bedroom won't just be from your end.
Now that makes for some explosive bedroom action!
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