Where to Find First Date Ideas

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No matter how confident you might be, a first date can be a nervous affair and you always want to make a good impression.
As a regular guy who has been on a few first dates in the past I have tended to just ask a lady for a drink in a nice bar that is easy for the both of us to get to.
While I consider it to be a pretty safe bet, I do recognise that on some instances you might be keen to make a particularly good impression and therefore seek more creative first date ideas.
If you are stumped for ideas, then there are a few places where you can find inspiration for first date ideas.
The internet
In this day and age it is a no-brainer that the internet will be your first port of call.
If you type in 'first date ideas' I am sure you find multiple articles, blogs and internet pages dedicated to the subject.
Whilst avoiding the potential for information overload, a quick skim through a few pages would definitely give you an idea that you can take or put your own personal stamp on for your first date.
Local information
Living in a large cosmopolitan city like London there are a number of local newspapers, all of which provide information of events occurring in the area within a weekly timeframe.
These papers are a great source of information for first date ideas like local gigs, plays and exhibitions which may be occurring in the area.
While they may not be everybody's cup of tea lifestyle magazines are packed with advice about dating, romance and sex, and definitely worth a read.
My particular favourite is Mens' Health magazine, which always has useful articles on dating and - more importantly - how to tell if your date is going well or not! Regardless of where you find your first date ideas the key is to always go for something that you are comfortable with and is not too complicated.
An excellent idea might not always be the best one for you and most women would rather have a simple first date with great company.
If you do not know the woman very well, or not at all, then I personally would go for the safe bet and invite her out for a drink, and plan something more exciting if and when you plan to meet up again.
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