XP Security 2011 Removal

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XP Security 2011 is a newly released virus which has been created by scammers in an attempt to con you into purchasing the "full" version of this tool. Cunning disguised as an antivirus application, it's a complete fake, and will be causing a huge number of problems for your system through blocking important programs, as well as stopping your computer from loading up the settings that it needs to operate. To remove XP Security 2011, it's highly recommended that you're able to both stop this virus from loading, as well as then deleting the various files that it will be using to load up.

The XP Security 2011 infection is essentially just a piece of software. This program is known as a "malware" virus (which stands for malicious software), because it's a piece of software which has been created to try and perform all sorts of malicious activities. In order to resolve the problem with this infection, we've found that the best way to fix the issue is to restart your computer into "Safe Mode" and then delete all of its files & settings. This process is just the same as all the other "fake antivirus" tools out there (yes, there are about 100 'clones' of this infection around the Internet!); and so it's a pretty straight-forward procedure to get rid of the infection.

Just a quick note - this virus will block the "Task Manager" of Windows, as well as a number of important options that your PC will be using to run. Don't worry about this for now, just follow the steps outlined below and you'll get all functionality back on your system in no time.

How To Remove XP Security 2011

The most important step to removing this virus is to restart your PC into "Safe Mode". This basically allows your computer to run without the infection loading up - allowing you to get rid of its files as a result. Although getting this virus off your PC requires more than this step alone, it's much easier to remove the infection as a result of this. To load into safe mode, you have to restart your computer, press F8 continually before Windows starts loading, and then select "Safe Mode With Networking" (this enables the Internet!).

After loading into safe mode, we recommend downloading & using a program called XoftSpy. This tool is described as an "Anti-Spyware" infection, which works by deleting all the parts of the virus that may be on your system, boosting its speed and reliability as a result. You can download this tool from the Internet, install it in safe mode and then let it get rid of the virus. Yes it's some work, but this is the best & most effective way to remove the XP Security 2011 virus.
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