Prompt and Accurate Pain Management Transcription Services

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Pain clinics have an important role to play in healthcare systems.
Pain management specialists need to focus on comprehensive patient evaluation to deliver specific therapies tailored to meet the needs of each individual patient.
They often have to utilize new methods of pain assessment, pain imaging, and advanced interventional strategies to manage patients with chronic pain.
All this leaves them with little time for their documentation tasks.
The best option for them is to outsource their medical transcription tasks to a reliable service provider that can provide them with prompt and accurate pain management transcription services.
This would give them more time to focus on their core task of patient care while third party service provider efficiently manages their documentation tasks.
Benefits of Partnering with a Professional Medical Transcription Firm The main reason why healthcare providers now prefer to outsource transcription tasks is because this helps reduce their workload.
Also, outsourcing helps save on the operational costs of doing transcription in-house.
Here are the main benefits they enjoy by partnering with a professional medical transcription firm:
  • Expertise in Transcription - A professional firm would have trained and experienced transcriptionists on the job.
    With an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology related to pain management, they can provide accurate and timely transcripts of chart notes, history and physical examinations, consultation notes, referral letters, discharge summaries, and more.
  • Cost-saving Solutions - Established medical transcription companies will provide you with solutions that stay within your budget.
    A reliable company can provide affordably priced services that are 30-40% below the existing market rates, helping you save on your operational costs.
  • Data Security and Confidentiality is Guaranteed - HIPAA compliant pain management transcription service guarantees the security and confidentiality of patient information.
    Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, they can ensure that medical records are processed and delivered with utmost confidentiality.
    They would have secure file transfer options such as browser based transfer based transfer with 256 bit AES encryption and FTP.
  • Advanced Technology - The transcriptionists in a professional firm would work with the latest technologies to complete transcription tasks on time.
    Error-free transcription is ensured with the use of the Stedman's Electronic Medical Dictionary, American Drug Index and entire range of Stedman's books.
    For documentation purposes, they use Microsoft Word of MS Office 97/98, 2000 and newer versions.
    Dictation options offered would include toll-free telephone and digital dictation.
  • Stringent QA for Top Accuracy - Professional medical transcription services are characterized by strict quality assurance processes.
    The completed files are put through various levels of checks such as proofreading, editing and quality inspections to ensure accuracy levels of up to 99%.
  • Customized TAT - In most cases, turnaround time is customized to suit the needs of the physician.
    This is crucial for many specialties, including pain management.
Choose the Right Firm Outsourcing your transcription tasks to a professional medical transcription company would assure you of 24/7 technical support.
It's important to choose the right firm to enjoy all these benefits.
So request a free trial run of their services to test accuracy and promptness before you make your final decision.
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