Blackish Review

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I watched Blackish and remain confused by the entire show. I get where they're attempting to go with the show: urban comedy geared around the upper middle class. The truth is not all black people are living in the ghetto. However, the last show to successfully display the upper class black society and become a legend was the Cosby's. I can't see this show being the next Cosby's.

The entire cast is a group of talented actors and actresses. There's no doubt that my personal favorite, Ms. Ross, nails her role as a quirky mom. The children in the show are good at acting, but the youngest daughter looks like she has a perm in her hair. Is that weird that it bothers me?

Next, the show deals with too many problems in the one episode. The son was caught masturbating, which is perfectly natural but comes off as weird. The first glimpse of the son should not have been on someone jerking off. As growing pains go I really feel like that was a bit much for an introduction. It wasn't funny, but the scene was delivered as funny. I kept trying to find a funny moment, but I never did.

The mom tries to be understanding of her kids, but she doesn't really listen. The dad doesn't have a clue about how to communicate with his son. These are all valid scenarios, but they just throw it at you in rapid succession. I've seen a lot of shows come and go, and this show doesn't seem like it's going to go the distance.

I love that there is an all black cast of beautiful and mysteriously varied complexions from the same family. However, I don't see this show being relatable. It's not really relatable for racists that laugh at black people because the black people are very educated in this show. It's not going to resonate with someone like myself that doesn't have any kids. Will single mothers from broken homes find this funny? Will some of my colleagues that are happily married and living in posh homes relate to this image of corny never quite funny family? Is this show really funny to an educated married black couple that values the finer things in life?

The image of an affluent black family on television is a direct representation of some black American families, but what about the singles or the just dating couples? Does this show really resonate with everyone or just a handful of people? I watch a lot of black family shows on television, but the daughter shouldn't have her hair permed, the jokes should be funny if there are going to be jokes, and there should be an overall plot that gets you hooked instead of we're black and rich speaking for once (thank GOD) without broken English. The typical character that most black people play on television can range pretty low on the pecking order.

I think they're going to pull the plug on this show because it doesn't have what it takes to draw serious ratings. Unless they do some serious rewrites for the next episode I don't think this show will last an entire season. I was really rooting for this show to be good too. Maybe next episode will be better. I might just watch it because I like Ms. Ross.
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