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As a floral designer for over 10 years- I have seen the stress of planning a wedding can take on the bride- and her family.
Whenever there is high emotion and money involved- stress is sure to follow.
There are some strategies that can help relieve the anxiety involved with planning your wedding and working within your budget.
Find out first who is paying for what and how much.
Keep in mind that anyone who contributes money will feel entitled to express their opinion- sometimes loudly! So try and make clear what expectations are.
Your future mother-in-law may want to help out- but she also might want her second cousins daughter in your wedding party.
If possible try and pay for as much of the wedding yourself and not rely on anyone else.
Take a realistic look at how much money you have to work with- avoid going into debt.
Most important- Have a budget! Be honest with your wedding professional- tell then how much you want to spend and have them help you give you the biggest bang for your buck.
They know their field and what is possible and affordable.
I know from experience that most creative people want to do their best work for you- and want your wedding flowers to be spectacular or your wedding dress to suit your body type.
It is a business but most bridal shop owners, wedding photographers or florists I have met all have pride in their work- if you are getting a sense that they don't or feel like just another dollar sign then move on and find some one else.
Ask their advice- they know their stuff! They have seen hundreds if not thousands of brides and have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't.
I remember one year when a famous Kennedy got married- and pictures of his bride were all over newspapers and magazines of her holding a wedding bouquet of solid lily of the valley.
I had DOZENS of brides walk in wanting this exact look.
This is great if your are getting married in the 3 week window in June when lily of the valley is available.
Any other time it is imported from Holland and packs a staggering price tag.
For a 1/10 th of the money I could have given those brides stunning wedding flowers.
Take a look at your budget and decide which is important to you.
For some brides it might be the dress; others the wedding flowers or wedding cake.
Maybe you have always dreamed of a live band at your wedding reception.
With a limited budget you will have to make choices.
If you want to have 350 people to your wedding- you may have to have chicken and not surf and turf for your guests.
Something will have to give.
Some good advice- you will be looking at your wedding photos for the next 50+ years.
I would invest money into anything that shows up in those photos.
Get the best photographer you can afford- do not give this job to your brother or friend who took a Learning Annex course in Photoshop.
Good hair and makeup.
I suggest nothing TOO trendy in a head piece unless you want to suffer the jibes of your children...
and grand children.
Do not skimp on your bridal bouquet.
This will be staring back at you for years in an 8x10 glossy.
Your wedding attire- gets a lovely dress and something nice for your groom.
Anything else is really is just icing on the cake.
Trust me - you may regret spending all your money on a custom designed wedding cake.
You will not regret beautiful and professional wedding photographs.
It varies from person to person- but certain things really don't matter and some do- I will share my opinions on this.
Your dress, wedding photos, your bridal bouquet, location, grooms attire MATTER.
Bridesmaid dresses, bridesmaid's flowers and other wedding flowers, wedding cake, head table flowers, table centerpieces, food do not! If it's not in the wedding photo that will be above your mantle- it probably doesn't matter.
Find our how much money you have to work with, who is responsible for what- make a plan and stick to it.
Remember all weddings are beautiful and all wedding days are perfect- Try not to let the stress of money ruin the panning process for you.
Best Wishes on your Wedding Day!
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