Millions of People Are Affected by Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss affects millions of people all over the world.
Impairments occur for a variety of reasons, and can affect a person in ways they would never expect.
Decreased sensitivity to sound can impair a person socially, educationally and psychologically.
It is of utmost importance that hearing impairment be discovered as early as possible, so that proper intervention can begin.
Decreased hearing sensitivity impairs daily communicative abilities.
Some people may be so bothered by their misunderstandings and need for repetition that they give up and pretend to hear.
Others may even withdraw from social situations altogether, isolating to prevent any embarrassment.
Social woes often lead to greater emotional and psychological issues like depression and anxiety.
In children and college students, hearing impairment may affect the quality of work they are completing educationally.
While hearing aids cannot replace normal hearing, they can provide greater ease of listening for those dealing with hearing impairment.
Modern digital hearing aids can filter out much of the unwanted background noise.
It is important to note, however, that hearing aids cannot tell with complete surety whether an incoming sound is desirable speech or unwanted background noise.
They will make assumptions about an incoming stimulus based on standards of speech and noise.
Noise tends to be steadier and droning, where speech is more varied and unexpected.
Taking that in mind, a hearing aid might assume that your air conditioner is noise, but your spouse is not - reducing the air conditioner noise, but continuing to amplify the speech of your spouse.
Communication strategies may also be provided by your hearing healthcare provider, so that you can make your listening environment be well-suited to hear.
These strategies include are for both the hearing impaired person and their close family and friends.
Some are as simple as using various ways to ask for clarity or repetition, while others require more courage (e.
, asking a restaurant to turn down their background music).
These simple strategies can help improve hearing even in persons with normal hearing.
Ask your hearing healthcare provider about whether communication strategies would help your hearing impairment! Hearing impairment is no joke.
With these serious side effects, it is important to determine the degree and type of the loss, and your options for treatment as soon as possible! Contact your local hearing healthcare provider for an appointment today.
They will set you up for a full hearing evaluation and hearing aid candidacy evaluation.
Find out what you can do for your hearing loss today!
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