How to Draw a Tree

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Our mother Earth is blessed with varied trees, be it every day deciduous trees, native to America or Gulmohars & Mango, native to India.
Trees & leaves come in all sizes, textures, and shapes.
They could be big, tall, small, shady, spiky, or rounded.
In fact, every tree changes its colors and character according to the weather.
Therefore, choose the tree you want to illustrate, while we provide you with basic guidelines.
Things you will need: 1.
Pencil 2.
Eraser 3.
Paper/ Canvass 4.
Colors (Optional) 5.
Paint Brush (Optional) Basic & Simple Guidelines to draw a tree: I.
Observe your Tree: You can either draw from a picture or observe a real tree.
Try to break the tree in basic shapes, as it will facilitate with drawing the basic outline.
Now, observe the contour of the bark & branches, the color shades, the shape & texture of the leaves, and the overall personality of the tree.
Outline of the Tree: 1.
Trunk - With a delicate hand, draw two vertical lines, parallel to each other.
Both these lines should be curved at both ends.
Draw a triangle that will sit on the trunk of the tree 3.
Draw three circles inside the triangle, one circle on top and two below it.
This will define the dimensions and proportion of the tree.
Enhance 1.
Bark - Draw a wide 'V' on the top end of the Trunk.
Branches - You can now start drawing the branches of the tree.
The branches should be thick to begin with and as they branch, should become thin.
Twigs, Flowers, or Leaves - Outline the tree with curvy lines to define it.
Give it dimension by adding layers using curvy or boxy lines to.
You can also detail its leaves or fruits.
Once the shape has been perfected, it can be darkened and the unwanted lines be erased.
Coloring/Shading the Tree: The trick to make your tree look graphic is to give it appropriate shades and lighting effect.
For instance, the branches should be visible in some places and covered with leaves in another.
The area near the trunk can be darker compared to the top of the tree due to sunlight.
Alternatively, a shady effect of the tree can be given on the ground.
You can also draw overlapping crooked lines on the trunk of the tree to give it a seasoned look.
Finish: Take into account a few lines, detailing, and shadows to make your tree look authentic and realistic.
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