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Part 2 of 'Your Abundant Life' Even with the amount of absolute passion that I have to help people, it's a fact that a lot of people simply don't know how to believe in themselves, or how to let go of their past.
That's my biggest obstacle when dealing with others.
That's the topic for this conversation.
Why don't people believe in themselves? Ask yourself the same question right now.
"Why don't I believe in myself?" Most people will get immediately defensive and say 'I do believe in myself', 'I just haven't got my break yet, or found my niche', and a whole bunch of other excuses.
So if you do believe in yourself, what's really holding you back? Go ahead; ask yourself.
I think I know part of the answer.
Here's a bit of a clue.
There are so many negative and deceitful things out there, (especially on the Internet), that when something real does come along, we have a difficult time believing it.
We also have a hard time believing that something really good and positive can happen to ourselves.
We think and we know we deserve it, but luck just hasn't been on our side.
But we continue to do things like play the lottery, even though we have a better chance at getting hit by an airplane coming out of the sky.
Why do we do this? Simple, because we have no confidence in ourselves, or what we are capable of accomplishing.
We are clueless for the most part.
Let's look at our lives for a moment.
I think this may provide some insight into the basics of attitude.
You were taught this way by your peers, and the following is what you have to show for it.
I know that right now you either dislike your job, or you don't have one, or you don't have enough of one.
Maybe you like your job somewhat but dislike the pay, but you have been doing the same thing year after year, you work to many hours with too little in return, and that doesn't even include the commute time, and the endless hours stuck in traffic.
How exhausted are you on a daily basis? How about having to get up day after day? The routine of every day life simply sucks.
Sure, you have some good times, but for the most part, drudgery at its finest.
Ask yourself another one here for me.
How many times have you looked in the mirror and said to yourself, "What am I doing here?" Shall I continue? Sure, let's rub it in a bit.
You dislike your lifestyle because you don't really have time to have a life.
You probably don't have enough time for your partner, let alone yourself, your kids, and they are growing up without you being there for the most part.
Your spouse, children, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, significant other, etc.
complain that you are never around.
There's not enough money or enough time for a REAL vacation, no romantic evenings with your mate at a fine restaurant because you can't afford the luxury, or because you are to busy doing who knows what.
You are constantly worried about one thing or another.
Most of the time it's about money.
Then you need to make more money so you do have the time, but you don't have enough time need to make more money but you are exhausted.
What about money for retirement? Let's not go there please.
So when and where does it ever end? Do I have to die in order to get some peace? Who is this guy? Not only does he stick the knife in, but he twists it as well.
"Why are you doing this?" you might be saying.
That's an easy one.
I looked in the mirror many, many moons ago, and I didn't like what I saw.
I was young, but I was already working like a dog and going to school, and I decided that there had to be a better way.
I got lucky (there's that word again), and I found not one, but two terrific people to mentor me back in the late 70's.
But the kicker was when I had the privilege of spending several days with the most dynamic person I have ever met, and probably will ever meet.
His name? Why Zig Ziglar of course.
There is no substitute for a good teacher, mentor, trainer, whatever you want to call them, and a real one is nothing at all like the peers you probably listened to when you were growing up.
I was young and easily influenced, and the timing was perfect.
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